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webOS isn't dead after all
News - March 05, 2015
We all thought webOS died a few years ago when HP dumped it into the open source community. LG subsequently picked up the pieces of webOS and intended to use it in TV's and other appliances. Now it see LG has other plans. LG ha...read more

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Softcard dropping Windows Phone support on March 31
News - March 05, 2015 - Category: Pocket PC
Windows Phone users will soon be left out of the NFC payments trend. Since the debut of Apple Pay, contactless payments have become very popular. Softcard was one of the only companies supporting Windows Phone for NFC payments a...read more

Google Compare for car insurance launched in California
News - March 05, 2015 - Category: Android
Google is providing auto insurance comparisons in California, with more states to come soon. Google launched Google Compare today which will allow users to compare rates between insurance companies. The more information you have...read more

Gmail for iOS updated with new share extension
News - March 05, 2015 - Category: iPhone
Google updated Gmail for iOS today taking the app to version 4. Gmail for iOS added a new share extension as well as allowing actionable notifications. The share extension allows you to to share files via Gmail for iOS with any ...read more

BlackBerry considering another tablet
News - March 05, 2015 - Category: RIM
BlackBerry has not had the best luck with tablets. The company released the PlayBook a few years ago and it basically flopped. BlackBerry CEO John Chen is not afraid to take another risk however. He was recently quoted as sayin...read more

Is Windows Phone 10 already gaining momentum?
News - March 05, 2015 - Category: Pocket PC
Microsoft is in the midst of a massive effort to gain the ground they gave up in the mobile computing space when the completely missed the smartphone craze. Windows Phone 8 has not been a hit, but the company is not sitting in th...read more

iPad Pro to include USB 3.0?
News - March 05, 2015 - Category: iPhone
It has been widely reported that Apple will produce a larger 12.9-inch iPad sometime this year. The current rumor is it will be called the iPad Air or iPad Pro, but whatever the name, it looks to be unlike any previous iPad befor...read more

Will Microsoft release Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2?
News - March 05, 2015 - Category: Pocket PC
Many have speculated whether Microsoft would release an update 2 for Windows Phone 8.1, or simply go straight to Windows 10 for phones. That speculation is rearing its head again after Microsoft announced the Lumia 640 and Lumia ...read more

iPhone 6 vibrates twice on mail messages - FIXED!
How To - March 05, 2015 - Category: iPhone
Have you noticed mail notifications feel like text message notifications on the iPhone 6 when in vibrate mode? The iPhone used to vibrate twice (staccato) for incoming text messages and once (quick) for incoming email, but ever si...read more

Sprint rolling out Lollipop for Galaxy 4 users
News - March 05, 2015 - Category: Android
Sprint has released the latest Android 5 update for its Samsung Galaxy 4 users today. The Lollipop update is going out over the air and users will start to receive a notification that they should update. If you cannot wait for t...read more

BBM for Android downloaded 100 million times
News - March 04, 2015 - Category: Android
BlackBerry announced today that BBM for Android has been downloaded 100 million times. This is a significant milestone for BlackBerry who only opened up BBM to Android in 2013. The company says 100 million installs puts BBM "in ...read more

BlackBerry to release low cost Leap
News - March 03, 2015 - Category: RIM
BlackBerry is releasing a new low cost device called the BlackBerry Leap. The Leap is expected to retail at $275 and will be a full touchscreen device. The specs are actually not that bad. The Leap will feature a 5 inch displa...read more

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